We are a small, boutique model management firm. The company is named in honor of my mother, once Kentucky's supermodel.

We are not a modeling agency, but we will work with them to help you get jobs in modeling.

A model manager represents you. An agency represents the commercial clients that hire models.

We do not advertise and we do not ordinarily interview unsolicited applicants. But then, we do not charge any up-front or speculative fees. We do not sell pictures, nor do we hold "modeling classes" for pay. If we have identified you, we will offer you a slot in a photoshoot. You will receive a digital copy of the pictures, which are yours to keep, print, or whatever you want. We will also keep a copy and forward them on to various agencies. If a potential job arises, we will give you the chance to sign a management contract with us. You will only pay a percentage of any actual income that comes from working.

We work with an excellent photographer, now semi-retired, that once managed photography for the Miss America pageant.

Arch Davis

NOTE: Modeling is a career that is based on looks. It is not for everybody. Clients want certain looks when they hire models. If you are not chosen for a particular job, that is not a reflection on you as a person, and we do not want you to take it to heart. It is what it is; it is not a reflection on your soul.